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Kit Johns: Breaking Point

Kit Johns: Breaking Point

12 to 29 July 2019

The Summerhouse Gallery is proud to present our one-man summer show of 2019; 'Breaking Point' by artist Kit Johns. Kit’s work explores the wild and untamed nature of the Cornish landscape, using a variety of techniques and mediums on canvas, paper and authentic vintage Cornish maps; he has quickly evolved from a young 'up-and-coming artist' to an accomplished and well-known figure who has made waves in the world of Cornish landscape art. ‘Breaking Point’ aims to act as both a celebration of beauty and a reminder as we enter a period where the state of our environment hangs in the balance. Kit’s work captures both the joy of a bright, busy beach in the summer, and the contrastingly tempestuous waves of the storms which grow ever more commonplace on our coastlines. His work utilises sand, stone and seawater, as well as flotsam and jetsam found washed up on the coastline. "This latest body of work encapsulates everything that Cornwall means to me, a backdrop to my life. The paintings were painted with energy & intensity. There is an intentional rawness about the work, which captures what the Cornish coastline is like perfectly. I want the work to feel almost tactile and draw the viewer in. It is important to me that each painting resonates. I want to create a social commentary within the paintings, and continue to raise awareness about a problem that is becoming an epidemic. We are reaching breaking point when it comes to the environment.’ -Kit Johns The show will open with a private view on Friday 12th July 2019, with proceeds being donated to various Cornish environmental charities

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Here at The Summerhouse we love to support both established and new, up and coming artists with an affinity to Cornwall. We do recieve a very large volume of submissions, and although we take care to view every artists work, it is very difficult to discuss work with every single artist who gets in touch.

Please send us a selection of work which you feel best represents you, along with an artists statement and a list of other galleries which represent your work if applicable. You can email this to info@summerhousegallery.co.uk or post to our address, with contact details (email or telephone) which we can reach you via should your application be successful. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


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