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The Summerhouse Gallery

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It's Time To Make A Change

The Summerhouse has been awarded 'Plastic Free Coastlines Approved Status' from Surfers Against Sewage

We are so proud to have been awarded 'Plastic Free Coastlines Approved Status' from Surfers Against Sewage, and delighted to see that other local business along our beautiful coastline are doing the same.

Here at the Summerhouse we believe in making everything as environmentally friendly as we can, this includes using recycled packaging and eliminating the use of plastic wherever possible.

Through making a series of tiny changes, we will really be able to see a difference in the future, to find out ways in which you can help eliminate the heartbreaking problem of plastic waste along our coast and in our oceans, visit https://www.sas.org.uk/

Mary Ann Green

Capturing the Magic of Movement through Dance

Mary Ann Green undertook her art education at Mid Warwickshire College of Art and Goldsmiths College, London before moving to Cornwall in the early 1970s. Since 1998 she has been involved with the Rambert Dance Company during their visits to the Hall for Cornwall, working with them during rehearsal, her work captured the human form both in movement and at rest. Her work is both well established and well loved and in 2005 she was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize.
This video offers a very special chance to see Marys artistic process, simply click on the above image to view.

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Exploring the power of water

Jade Bowmer at The Summerhouse Gallery

We are thrilled to welcome the talented Jade Bowmer to our wonderful collective of artists here at The Summerhouse. Jades striking resin discs are inspired by natural water formations, after pouring out the pigmented resin she uses a blow torch to manipulate the patterns and constructions within to create unique, abstract worlds with immersive detail, depth and flow.

"Water is arguably one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Whether in its liquid state, frozen as ice or in gaseous form it is constantly modifying landscapes all over the world. I want to capture the depth and beauty of the Earth’s surface and its water systems, whilst highlighting the changes they are undergoing as a result of dramatic climate change." - Jade Bowmer

Summerhouse gallery

The Summerhouse Gallery is a beautiful, welcoming space showcasing the very best of Cornish art. Located only a stone's throw away from the wonderful St Michael's Mount, we aim to create the perfect place to discover paintings, jewellery, sculpture and glass in a relaxed manner.

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The Summerhouse Gallery

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Here at The Summerhouse we love to support both established and new, up and coming artists with an affinity to Cornwall. We do recieve a very large volume of submissions, and although we take care to view every artists work, it is very difficult to discuss work with every single artist who gets in touch.

Please send us a selection of work which you feel best represents you, along with an artists statement and a list of other galleries which represent your work if applicable. You can email this to info@summerhousegallery.co.uk or post to our address, with contact details (email or telephone) which we can reach you via should your application be successful. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 10.30 - 5.00

Saturday: 10.00 - 4.00

Sunday: 11.00 - 5.00


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