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Maggie O'Brien

We are delighted to share this wonderful video, shot by John Freddy Jones which features Maggie sharing the thoughts and experiences which inspired our show 'Where Have All The Songbirds Gone'
The film premiered at our show opening, held on the 20th of April which was a resounding success, and will remain on display until the 5th of May. This is a beautiful, evocative body of work and truly not one to miss

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April 2017

Maggie O'Brien: Where Have All The Songbirds Gone

Where Have All The Songbirds Gone is our first one woman show of 2017, and will run from the 21st of April until the 5th of May.

Where once the dawn chorus was prevalent throughout rural and urban areas, our mornings have grown much quieter. Urban development has seen a decline in both birdlife, and areas of habitat, especially hedgerows, wetland and meadows, have been drained or cut back to may way for mans footprint. With no meadow plants, insects cannot source food thus their numbers decline, the knock on effect for birds and other wildlife is profound, as both their homes and primary source of food are being significantly reduced.

Maggie O'Brien created Where Have All The Songbirds Gone as a means to explore and portray bittersweet connection between the human race and nature. Through her work, she aims to strengthen and renew this connection. Maggie has used a dreamlike touch to capture the fragility of life, however the exhibition acts as a profound warning, and highlights the enormity of the work that needs to be undertaken to reverse and rectify this decline. We must act now if we do not want our mornings to grow silent, and loose that precious birdsong which welcomes a new day.

"When art and nature combine this beautiful and evocative show has been produced, filled with a longing for what is past, love for what still is, and hope for the future. 'Where have all the Songbirds Gone' will touch your heart and hopefully open all of our eyes to what we still have, while it is still there."- Jayne Elliott, owner and director of The Summerhouse

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Retrospective Video

John Piper

A wonderfully insightful video from our John Piper retrospective 'Halcyon Days'

John Pipers inspiration for his work has always been the West Cornwall landscape pared down to its basic elements of looming skies, lichen covered buildings and rugged moorland.

Compositionally simple yet dramatic and beautiful, his work focuses strongly on colour and texture, which vary dramatically throughout his paintings, despite them possessing characteristics which make them instantly recognisable by people throughout Cornwall and further afield.

Johns love for the area is evident in the way in which he creates, and he has quietly and unassumingly become one of Cornwalls most prolific and well loved artists.

Summerhouse gallery

The Summerhouse Gallery is a beautiful, welcoming space showcasing the very best of Cornish art. Located only a stone's throw away from the wonderful St Michael's Mount, we aim to create the perfect place to discover paintings, jewellery, sculpture and glass in a relaxed manner.

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