Tracy Dovey

Tracy has drawn and created all her life and wanted to become a painter after attending a Foundation in Art. When she was seventeen, the same year she had her first baby, Tracy stumbled into the world of film, studying Animation at Film School under the supervision of the mighty Joanna Quinn.

Although she has always been creative, a busy family life meant her artistic output was reduced. Now her third child is nearly fully-fledged, she has more free time to commit to her second love (her first being ponies).


“I have thirty years of painting to catch up on and I intend to not miss one moment! I awaken early and go into the shed and greet my paintings with a lilt of excitement in my belly. They wait for me, prepared for my clumsy, rusted, unconfident hand. Coaxing forth unformed, unspoken ideas. The marks I make excite me.”

Tracy’s work is inspired by dreams, stories, snippets and scraps of folk songs, fairy tales and her profound love of the natural world.


“I never quite know where the picture making process will take me in terms of narrative or the marks I make.”

Sea Pony and Me- SOLD
Little Bird- SOLD
Morning Sun - Sold
Mermaids Just Wana- SOLD
Isla and the Seven Feathers - SOLD
Me, My Brother & the Fox - SOLD
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