Theresa Gilder

Most of Theresa Gilder’s work comprises intertwining figures carved into a recognisable form, conveying the loving, caring nature of humanity. Her sensual, tactile figures invite the viewer to touch and participate in the emotive feelings they create.

Born in Manchester in 1935, Theresa has led a varied and interesting life. Leaving school aged 15 she worked for a firm of solicitors, but soon realised that office practice was not for her, so answering an advertisement for a trainee textile designer she worked in a studio for 3 years. While there she fulfilled an ambition, to be a fashion model by taking a course at the Lucy Clayton Agency. This resulted in her freelancing both in textile designing and modelling.

A year later she moved to West Penwith in Cornwall, following an overwhelming desire to be close to nature. For the next two years she worked on farms and eventually her creative instinct took her to Penzance School of Art where she obtained her Diploma in arts and crafts.

Having carved granite, marble, serpentine and Portland stone, she’s now taking things easier by working translucent alabaster. Theresa considers herself most fortunate in being able to make a living in doing something she loves, she says, and if it gives pleasure to others then that is a bonus.

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