Michael Praed and John Piper have been delighting many with their work for decades.

Michael Praed’s harbours, architectural line and reflections make his work instantly recognisable. His strong passion for Cornwall, like the granite and cliffs that surround us, speak volumes in his work.

John Piper is a master of both colour and texture, indeed a true colourist. The cottages that often appear in his paintings take you into the canvas where you lose yourself in the beauty, colour and texture of the work, finding something more every time you look. The cottages themselves are treated with a poignancy of a forgotten Cornwall; a symbol, like the weathered stone of Cornwall’s history.

With this exhibition the Summerhouse showed both artists’ work and explored the respect and friendship between the artists; a friendship that spans their love of Cornwall and most importantly their unique portrayal of this ancient land through paint.

Showcased alongside this stunning body of work were the ceramics of Colin Caffell. With work being described as a “painting on the round”, Colin’s pots act as an homage to Cornwall’s beautiful and dramatic scenery.

Tom Leaper also added his dramatic sculpture to our show with a new piece here at the gallery, the original bronze maquette of ‘Oval Form’. The large sculpture can be admired on the island of Tresco. ‘Oval Form’ compliments the rich ocean hues and golds of Grebes, Sun and Sail and Newlyn Anchorage, forming a striking and diverse collection of work which we were delighted to showcase here at The Summerhouse Gallery.