‘Where Have All The Songbirds Gone’ was held at the Summerhouse Gallery in April and May 2017 and featured a range of beautiful and evocative paintings from Maggie O’Brien, who has used her artwork to portray the bittersweet connection between the human race and nature. Through her work, Maggie aims to strengthen and renew this connection.

Her work used a dreamlike touch to capture the fragility of life, and the art included in the exhibition acted as a profound warning, highlighting the enormity of the work that needs to be undertaken to reverse and rectify the damage that has already been done to our environment. Her art encourages us to act now if we do not want our mornings to grow silent and loose that precious birdsong which welcomes a new day.

“When art and nature combine, this beautiful and evocative show has been produced, filled with a longing for what is past, love for what still is, and hope for the future. ‘Where have all the Songbirds Gone’ will touch your heart and hopefully open all of our eyes to what we still have, while it is still there.”