ESCAPING THE ORDINARY: into the extraordinary beauty of nature... A brand new Kit Johns show

Exhibition runs 14-31 August 2020

We are excited to be preparing to open our Kit Johns summer show Escaping the Ordinary ... Into the Extraordinary Beauty of Nature.

During the lockdown period, many artists have been inspired to create work that comes from a very deep and meaningful place, and this new body of work from Kit definitely fits this description.

Always focusing on our beautiful Cornwall and the breath-taking coast and sea that surrounds us, Kit’s latest collection develops on the insight into how nature has helped us through these difficult times, encouraging us to explore it with fresh eyes.

For some it might be a window box, but for Kit, an artist growing and working on the cliffs and shoreline of our county, the sea has been his muse. The power and force it possesses has demonstrated how tiny we all are, and yet we are mesmerised by its ever-changing beauty. We have seen crystal clear waters which Kit has swum in almost daily, immersing himself in the cold fresh Atlantic Ocean. We are all merely ripples in that ocean, each wave connecting to create a larger and more united force. We are all in this together, and this has inspired Kit’s move to start painting on not only vintage maps of Cornwall, but of the rest of the world. From ‘A Thousand White Horses’ crafted on a map of Europe, to ‘Marazion Sets’, with its beautiful sea glass green waves, to ‘Mapped Out Storm’ which reminds us of the storm we have all weathered together these last few months, this body of work has an energy more powerful than any by this inspiring and exciting artist to date. A larger piece, ‘I’ll Love You Until the World Stops Turning’, painted on a world map feels incredibly poignant during this time. The love of our world, our family and those we have missed has been a huge part of many lives during this period, and this painting shows Kit’s skill and understanding of the ocean and our ability to connect with the natural world perfectly.

Many of us had to leave our normal daily lives and adapt to a scary and strange new world, but the beauty and abundance of nature has been a healing balm for our souls. This remarkable collection from Kit embraces that universal connection to nature and celebrates it in the most enthralling way.

Jayne Elliott

Creative Director