This week we had a special visit from the lovely Tracy Dovey, who brought with her a brand new body of work inspired by a cabin with an up-turned boat for a roof, beautifully designed and built by her friend near Mullion. Also featured in Tracy’s new paintings is a young woman inspired by her friend’s daughter, Jodi, who’s love of birds and wild horses is illustrated charmingly and subtly through her gentle gaze.

Jodi joined us in the gallery to meet Tracy for the first time and to see the paintings which she so heavily influenced. It was a really lovely moment, which we were so pleased to be a part of. Jodie told us about the gorgeous Black Beauty- the name she gave a horse that she fell in love with whilst living on the moor, the same horse that is featured in Tracy’s work- as well as her many pigeon friends.

We love artwork that has a story behind it, especially one as heart-warming as this! Thank you to Tracy, Jodi and her Father, we look forward to seeing how this relationship develops through Tracy’s work.

This charming body of work is available to view this autumn at The Summerhouse Gallery.

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