23 MARCH TO 10 APRIL 2018

We had a wonderful time at the opening for our first show of 2018, Blooming Marvellous. Thank you to each and every person who braved the awful weather to come and experience a bit of sunshine at The Summerhouse in the form of some beautiful artwork and a glass of Prosecco!

One of our guests, Tanya Von Zychlinsky, composed this wonderful poem, inspired by the work on show here at the gallery.

Sun rays mirror your perfection,

Light hearted mindset lets us in,

With art and soul, a smile of life,

Oh Spring, where have you been?

All I see are painted poems,

Emanating elevation,

Each stroke a gift of energy,

Behold, the wonder of co-creation.

Summerhouse, a place of grace,

Light filled pieces purr like cats,

Content, calm and confident,

They draw you in like caring pets.

Spring in Summerhouse warms Winter,

Autumn meanwhile on vacation,

Each time you enter, joy receives you,

Artists soul in celebration.

Glorious generosity,

Overflows with inspiration,

Blooming marvellous I see,

Thank you for the inspiration!