Penn Boylan

From an early age, Penn loved working with clay and studied ceramics at Burnley School of Art and Design. It was not until she moved to St Michael’s Mount in 1994 that she started to make pottery her career. Inspired by the peace and beauty of the island, Penn began to hone her skill on the potter’s wheel, creating pots in smooth, creamy earthenware on which she paints her designs, whether it be birds, boats or sea shells.

“I love to take part of the Earth and turn it into something both beautiful and useful,” says Penn.

Penn’s work is now being recognised and can be found in a number of galleries throughout the South West. She has created a new design for Halcyon Days that is inspired by the agapanthus that grows freely in West Cornwall. We at the Summerhouse love Penn Boylan’s beautiful ceramics, which capture the essence of the unique West Penwith countryside.

Summerhouse Swallow Coffee Pot- SOLD
Swallow Cake Stand - SOLD
Swallow Jug- SOLD
Swallow Jug- SOLD
Swallow Jug- SOLD
Agapanthus Milk Jug- SOLD
Agapanthus & Swallow Vase- SOLD
Agapanthus & Swallow Jug- SOLD
Hare Jug- SOLD
Swalloware Teapot- SOLD
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