Nick Praed

Born in the fishing town of Newlyn in 1974, Nick Praed grew up around the harbour and subsequently went to sea at the age of eighteen. His work at that time deeply reflected his many experiences at sea working on the boats and his love for that environment, and still does today. 

While the sea is still very much the feature in Nick’s work, it now focuses more on capturing the beauty of the Cornish coastline and it’s ever changing moods. You will still find the occasional throwback to the fishing industry, a job which he continues to dip in and out of, but his subject matter has shifted to the many cliffs, coves and headlands of this beautiful county.

Trawlers Sheltering- SOLD
The Old Harbour- SOLD
Painted Hulls- SOLD
Trawler Speedwell - SOLD
Trawlers - SOLD
Newlyn Low Tide - SOLD
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