Neil Pinkett

Neil has lived in Cornwall most of his life and exposure to such a dramatic environment inspired him to paint.

The landmass of West Penwith is small but encompasses such geographic diversity, from the turquoise seas of Lamorna on the South Coast to the wild rocky outcrops and crashing waves of the North Coast, and the great stretches of moorland in between.

Neil works with a knife in order to express the forces of nature, the ever-changing elements, cloud formations, piercing blue skies over acres of red bracken and the raw beauty of the landscape. The natural progression towards paintings on a greater scale is leading to an exploration of larger landscapes further afield.

Apples - SOLD
Evening Sun Longrock - SOLD
Crossing to the Mount - SOLD
Bowl and Vase- SOLD
Still Life- Lemons - SOLD
Last Light Over Atlantic - SOLD
Pink and Grey Mount - SOLD
To and from the Mount - SOLD
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