Michael Strang

Michael Strang is one of England’s best-loved current painters, with work exhibited in private collections both in the UK and internationally.

A young Michael Strang was a student at both Camberwell and Wimbledon in the golden years of 1968–73, graduating with a BA with Honours.

Primarily an oil painter who has continually been celebrated for his ability to capture the magic of a country scene, Michael's plein air seascapes of Porthmeor beach were included in the Tate’s ‘Century of Images’ exhibition in 1995, which catapulted him into recognition as a modern day master of romantic impressionism. His work has since been included in many prestigious collections, including The Royal Academy and Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum. 

We were delighted to hold a retrospective for Michael here at The Summerhouse in the Summer of 2015, and have long enjoyed a close working relationship with him through which we have displayed some utterly breath-taking pieces.

Michael is truly a man who lives to paint, and the passion for his craft is evident within each of his pieces. Whether it be the magic of a distinctive sunset or the energy that fuels a vibrant field of poppies, Strang’s unique and instantly recognisable textured brush technique demonstrates a talent which makes him one of the most reputable painters of the moment, and widely regarded as Britain’s best living impressionist painter.

Porthmeor People (Tate Project)- SOLD
First Kiss of the Month- SOLD
Long Rock Sunset - SOLD
Long Rock Symphony - SOLD
Apple Blossom & Bees - SOLD
Moonlight Symphony Gwenver - SOLD
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