Lizzie Black

Lizzie Black is a landscape painter living in Mousehole, Cornwall. Rooted in a tradition of plein air painting, Lizzie's work follows the changing patterns of the day, season and weather scape. She strives to capture transitory moments of light, colour, tide and time, and to communicate its beauty and magic on canvas. Her formal background in painting was acquired at Bristol Polytechnic and Falmouth School of Art, and she has exhibited extensively in Cornwall and the West Country. 

"Painting within the landscape is an utterly absorbing art practice. By working onsite, my aim is not to copy, but to find a way of communicating experience. This might be the physical activity of movement, sound, wind or light changes. In some respects, I seek to unlearn what I know and describe the subject objectively and without prejudice. 


"Preparation is crucial with a trolley loaded with an easel, pochard box, paints, rags, brushes, canvases, sun, hat, etc. Painting outside brings with it a certain ceremony and protocol. I am aware that if I forget just one item then then the trip has to be abandoned. The scene changes constantly. While out painting, the wind is the most tenacious trickster. It can upturn the easel or even blow the canvas away and face down onto the sand. 

"I am happiest out painting every day, being constantly inspired by the surrounding landscape of Cornwall, and feel privileged to live and work where I do."

Tea, No Milk in the Garden- SOLD
Oranges and Lemons- SOLD
White Cosmos- SOLD
Lemonade and Flowers in the Garden- SOLD
White Tulips in the Window - Sold
Primrose and Celnadine - Sold
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