Kit Johns

Kit Johns is a Cornish artist bringing a fresh, contemporary twist to capturing our beautiful coastline. His work explores the wild and untamed nature of the Cornish landscape, using a variety of techniques and mediums on canvas, paper and vintage Cornish maps. He has quickly evolved from a young, 'up-and-coming artist' to an accomplished,

and well-known figure who has made waves in the world of Cornish Landscape art.

“The Cornish coastline is raw and energetic, and I think that’s the aspect that inspires me the most to paint"

That rawness and energy is frequently caught and expressed in Kit’s work. Capturing the ferocity of a wave or the warm summer light of the sun on the ocean is a difficult task, and Kit has managed to do this in a

unique style which reflects upon the true beauty of our coast.

Experimentation and expression are key aspects of his work, creating unpredictable, unique and atmospheric pieces. Combinations of mixed media including acrylic, oil and ink encourage him to push the technical

boundaries of traditional landscape painting. 

His art is raw and emotive, focusing on capturing the energy of the movement, reflecting the same traits found within nature and the ever-changing Cornish coastline throughout the year. Kit’s work seems to resonate with people, and is popular with visitors to Cornwall and locals alike, drawing on their own memories and experiences of the sea and surrounding landscape. Authentic vintage Cornish maps are sometimes used as a canvas for his work, creating a unique base for each painting which truly resonates with those who have a special affinity to the area. His work is now in private collections around the world.

Please click here to see a short video featuring the artist, Kit Johns

Show Me the Way to the Sea- SOLD
Wild and Warm Like Summer - SOLD
Visions I Vandalise- SOLD
Shades of Blue- SOLD
You and Me- SOLD
A Letter From Summer- SOLD
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You and Me- SOLD