Kate Richardson

Kate, originally from Guildford, came to Cornwall fifteen years ago to work as an Occupational Therapist, and quickly fell in love with the place she now calls home and where she lives with her teenage children. The abundance of galleries in the area sparked a dormant desire to balance her ‘thinking and problem solving job’ with one allowing her to be creative, and she started building a body of work in her own style.

Now she is a full-time artist, exhibiting nationally and at the London Art Fairs. Working in oil and mixed media, Kate’s abstract work is a unique expression of freedom bound by minimal use of colour yet boundless

in its imagination. Shapes and colours emerge and fade with gentle subtlety, inspired by the

infinitely sub-conscious mind, providing compelling drama.

"My favourite tool for large canvases is a 2 inch soft blender brush, trimmed to a 3/4 inch length, which allows me to apply and blend large amounts of paint quickly and freely. For smaller work I use a painting knife to build up thick layers of oil paint made buttery with refined linseed oil. I don’t have to be in a particular mood to paint – although sometimes I’m able to procrastinate all day – but my most successful pieces are born from angst or elation.”