John Graver

John has been painting for over 40 years and moved to Cornwall 36 years ago, buying a smallholding in search of “The Good Life”.  When he is not re-wilding his land he is painting, and can sometimes be found

painting on the cliffs around Porthleven, not far from his cottage.


John has not received any formal training in painting, but has fond memories of viewing his first set of oil paints as a

5 year old would look at a mud pie, and wondering what to do… “I know, let’s make a mess!”  

So that’s exactly what he did and still does, his painting style is instinctive.


“I just love making marks on anything. Sometimes they work and often they do not. I must be a slow learner as I am still playing and experimenting. It's about the joy of painting for me. My studio is full of old ‘failures’ and some successes, but nothing ever gets thrown away and I frequently look at a pile under a bench and see something that I did not see before. I fell in love with Cornwall too long ago to remember, the ever-changing dramatic landscape, the colours in the sky and their effect on the land.  I can never capture its true beauty or magical atmosphere, but I can only hope what I do goes a small way.”