Jake Boex

Jake Boex grew up close to the coast in Cornwall, at every opportunity diving into the Atlantic to explore and experience every wave he could find. This took him to international surfing destinations and world tour surfing events and became his professional life for ten years. 

Subsequently, Jake studied science, completing a PhD in glaciation focused on reconstructing the Patagonian ice-sheet. Crushed rock was used to date the retreat of the ice-sheet. More recently crushed rock has also inspired applications in ceramics, using samples collected from local beaches and the coastline he calls home, and applying them to individual pieces.

For Jake, throwing a form on the potter’s wheel demands a state of flow, whilst the glazing and use of crushed rock requires an understanding of the science that supports the process. 

“Since finding fulfilment in ceramics when I was sixteen, I’ve been on a journey of exploration: finding flow and discovering science. By blending the two in ceramics, I find a place where function meets art, where modern design incorporating ancient materials melds with modern living.”

Our hearts shine brighter with love - SOLD
To Love is to Know - SOLD
Porcelain Mandala Bowl - SOLD
Porcelain Mandala Bowl - SOLD
Love Shines - SOLD
Love is Uncomplicated - SOLD
Small Porcelain Bowl - SOLD
To Love is to Know - SOLD
Small Porcelain Bowl - SOLD
Porcelain Cup with Copper - SOLD
Porcelain Mandala bowl- SOLD
Balance - SOLD
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Porcelain Mandala Bowl - SOLD