Jake Boex

Jake Boex grew up close to the coast in Cornwall, at every opportunity diving into the Atlantic to explore and experience every wave he could find. This took him to international surfing destinations and world tour surfing events and became his professional life for ten years. Working now from his Porthleven studio, Jake produces wheel-thrown

ceramics in porcelain and stoneware.


Drawing on the natural aspects of ceramic materials, I incorporate rock and sediment from the local landscape. From a Cornish college to a life of geology environment and travel, I found my way back to the coast of Cornwall. Today, I like to create in clay, to convey, a sense of space, found between, as we lean, into, the unknown. The Southwest coast path provides stunning access to breath-taking beauty, which consistently opens hearts and minds. Currently, a coast-path collection is emerging, collectively titled 'finding stillness' as I pace the path.