Iona Sanders

Iona was born in the far west of Cornwall and has spent most of her life living there. Her early days were spent combing remote beaches for treasure that would go on to become the subject matter for her drawings. Having spent most of her childhood in or on the water, her native Cornwall has always been her greatest influence and still continues to inspire her work. Recently her paintings have explored simplicity, often paying particular attention to everyday objects, injecting a pop of character through an exploration of colour and bold brush stroke. 

Working mainly in oil and acrylic, Iona has been increasingly exploring the use of mixed media, which has truly defined her signature style - that of a free, fun approach to creating with a naivety which makes her pieces a true breath of fresh air. Her work is compositionally strong with an instinctive use of line and colour. Each piece exudes a warmth and vibrancy that gives the onlooker an intimate glimpse into Iona’s world.