Helen Jones

Helen Jones’ paintings depict the moments that cause you to stop and breathe,

making you appreciate just how beautiful life can be.

“Working with a vague memory of tones and images after walking my dogs, I work quickly, intent on capturing the energy and emotion of the day. My paintings are a response to the vitality of a moment, its fluidity, the sense of urgency or timelessness. 
Some days there is such stillness to the day that the canvases which follow are calmer; but on the other days the energy is so vibrant the palette knife can barely move the oil quickly enough or respond fast enough

to give credit to the buoyancy of a given second.”

Helen’s paintings have become a visual diary, responding to the beauty of the landscape, the elements and the moods to which we consciously and subconsciously respond. The smaller canvas allows a snapshot of energy for a given moment,

the essence of the landscape and the day’s walk.