Amy Albright

Amy graduated from Falmouth University College in 2007 with a BA in Fine Art. She was the winner of the coveted Midas Award and has since been exhibiting all over the country.


 Amy says, “My aim is to communicate a sensitive, intimate view of nature’s constant flux, for the paintings to be ambiguous, giving clues but not completion.

“Having grown up in beautiful Cornwall, it’s no wonder that I’ve been captivated by the elusive beauty of the sea. I’m inspired by the fascinating details in seas and rivers, from images taken underwater to the dancing surface light reflections.”


Amy creates her work by layering, dripping, imprinting and accentuating, with an intuitive response to previous marks made.


“I collect elements of chance when painting, a process that seems as organic as the natural subject itself.”

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Above and Beneath- SOLD
Traces - SOLD
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